Yoga of Sleeping

Travel to Golden City with your spirit

Below I wrote down some basic instructions you could try. Be aware this insructions also include high level instructions, if you get more and more experienced and receive deaper meaning of the instructions inside your dreams.

What is your sleeping position?

  • On belly - back to subconsciousness and rich emotional life
  • On back - no fear and more rational
  • On right side - stop thoughts
  • On left side - protection of love heart side
  • As Foetus - Security and self protection
  • Many pillows - fears for emotional dream state: you stay awake
  • As an Snow Lion - read below ....

Perform the following steps

  1. Scan back the day and write down a day journal in reverse order
  2. Emotions you did not like imagine a new OK version and move on with scanning back
  3. Lay down with your head to the north
  4. Lay down with your feet to the south
  5. Lay down in the lion position
  6. On the right with the right hand under your head
  7. Your legs and back completely straight
  8. Your left arm laying along your left tight
  9. Close your eyes and imagine you are in pure land of Golden City
  10. Visualize your phenomena source (star or cube) as large as possible filling up your room
  11. In the north we visualize our guru on a lotus flower
  12. With strong divine pride and strong faith in our Guru we lay our head on his crossed legs
  13. Choose throat chakra to fall sleep into: short sleep very clear long dreams
  14. Choose heart chakra to fall sleep into: long sleep no dreams
  15. Choose 3rd eye chakra to fall sleep into: very short sleep no dreams
  16. Make a strong decision to maintain your mindfulness, while falling asleep. Possitive affirmations before falling asleep can make a difference. Also rituals like putting the pillow right, taking your favourtie position and "tonight I will remember my dreams to the greatest detail" can help.
  17. Be aware you can perceive 8 signs or 8 different kind of colours of light, because of the dissolution of the energy in your central channel at the chakra you choose
  18. Read your last nights dream from your dream journal and continue your dream

Yoga of Rising

We wake from the dream state when the winds leave the throat and gather at the brow. Try to wake up slowly and nuturally.

  1. When we wake up we are inside the phenomana source (cube or star)
  2. Don't move your body first memorize your dream
  3. Write down your dream in a dream journal
  4. Every day is a new day like rebirth
  5. All problems are gone
  6. Focus on the present
  7. The environment and world is completely pure
  8. Transform all worldly matters into the spiritual path

By maintaining a dream book and day book the day and night both become non interrupted cycles.



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Blessed by Bhagavan


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