How to enter the feeling of a traumatic experience

Stay away from mental escaping

Quiet often we have learned to find explanations for our pain, suffering and sorrow in our life:

We have been a bad person in past life´s

Problems are the results of negative karma

It is my destiny to encounter problems

We all have problems and mine are relatively small

I do not create new karma, this is the only thing I can do at this moment

These explanations keep us away from our emotional pains by which the tension - contracted energy - will remain in our system. Our negative actions of past lives might be the cause for the effect we probably and mainly have encountered in the very early phases of this life. If we solve these blocks we have understood our karma and we will be liberated from these patterns in life. Only in this way you can go through major transformations in our life. So stop explaining your life and start exploring your life form the moment of creation.

My own escape from pains

While performing life regressions with students and receiving support from Amma, Bhagavan and the Dasas during these workshops - including myself - performed regressions over and over again. However I tried to escape one moment in my life. Since I had a youth with many problems in relationship with my alcoholic father, I thought I was immune for the pain of the relationship with my mother.

When I was 19 years old I came back home earlier from swimming. I found my mother naked on the bed while shaking. She tried to kill herself by taking an overdoses of medicines. The empty boxes where all over the place. I called the doctor and ambulance and she went to the hospital. The medicine cocktail had not yet done its work before the doctors emptied her stomach. She survived and ever since it was a taboo to talk about this incident.

The heart sphere and the needle

In a Self Esteem workshop in Milan in 2006 we practised again the life regressions. But how do you enter your heart space if you do not want to? Divine support came and the heart space was visualised as an golden sphere, while thinking and feeling about the moment in life an needle entered the sphere from the top and I was completely into this moment in life. A very helpful trick: please try it out and send feed back. I heard in one spilt second all the thoughts of my mother of that moment in time: I was grown up, I did not need her anymore, life with my father was a disaster, etc. I was crying instantly and a new feeling arose. About 25 people would come in 3 hours to receive Deeksha. I was completely drained and again had to ask support from Amma and Bhagavan and the Dasas. Fortunately we managed and for about 1,5 week after this trauma experience my energy level was extreme low. I was very tired of the release of this emotion. My hart chakra felt expanded ever since and I realised this event had struck a crater in my relationship with women in general. Was the love of a women real?

The next page is refering to the experiences of life in between level 1 (former 21 days format) and level 2 (former 10 days format) process and the exepriences of traumas.

In one heart of Joy and Gratitude Jyotisha



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