Repeating the Level 1 21 day Process at Home and get Oneness Blessings at home

And integrate in your life

Many things happened during the Level 1 21 Day process in February 2005. Not expected: we received very important teachings on the Flower of Life symbol. Not from a geometry point of view but from a Life Pattern point of view. It was a day about the so called 4 baskets. Simply speaking: a life regression technique from the moment of creation up to the actual moment in life. By integrating this teachings in the Love Your Star workshop - which is all about relationships - the workshop became much more powerful in healing traumatic or non logical child decisions. Over the months the appreciation of the priceless gift of Amma and Bhagavan started to increase and increase.

Life Regression: face your pain over and over again

In workshops the technique of the 4 baskets was applied and slowly the picture, examples and words to pass on became more and more clear. If you still have traumatic pains inside or you made non logical child decisions to cover your pain your hart chakra and all the geometry inside is contracted. In most cases this happens during the pregnancy phase or in the early childhood. Your life will be a repetition of patterns you can not get rid of. They can be categorized in 5 main emotional states (are interpretations and indications):

1) You do not know why you are on this planet, you are here but most of the time you are dreaming. You have no goals in life. And most of the time you do not finish things you start. You might have had many different jobs.

2) You feel you are living in a box or prison and you lack energy for new initiatives. You have a tendency to be depressive. You probably have already reached your goals in life.

3) You search for difficult situations in life in order to show others what you can. When you encounter big obstacles your motivation lowers and you might try to escape temporary the pain by drinking, gambling, smoking, sexing or even taking drugs.

4) You search for acceptance and confirmations of your parents, partners and employers. You attract every time the same partners you do not like. At different employers you encounter the same challenges. You still search for acceptance of one of your parents. You need confirmations all the time to keep moving.

5) You are afraid to utilize your full potential. If you do, you feel all the suffering of all human beings, animals, plants and minerals. You try to hide, because you want to escape this collective pain.

Please investigate very well during which phase of your life one of these states was or is predominant. If you recognize 1 or more of these emotional situations the Oneness Movement can help you by removing these patterns or energy blocks by means of a series of Oneness Blessings and help you to grow to the next harmonic phase.

Flower of Life

These states refer to different geometrical patterns of the Flower of Life. If you are blocked in state 1 you do not have energy to grow (Seed of Life), if you are blocked in phase 2 you do not have energy to fight (Egg of Life), if you are blocked in state 3 you do not have the energy to accept/respect (Tree of Life), if you are blocked in state 4 you do not have the energy to enjoy (Flower of Life) and if you are blocked in state 5 you do not have the energy to love. (Fruit of Life). In Buddhism these 5 layers are referred to as the 5 Buddha Families and the main objective is to purify them. Oneness Blessings purify fears deep inside of us.

Do the Flower of Life Assessment Test

We are developing a test with 9 questions per basket or Flower of Life layer in order to support your process of identifying your blockages. The Oneness Blessings purify the different layers of the Flower of Life.

The next page is refering to the Oneness Blessing experiences of participating in the Milan Conference in 2005 and the most important insights.

In one heart of Joy and Gratitude Jyotisha



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Oneness Effort

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