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Re experiencing with my heart my walk in accident

On the Saturday the 13th and Sunday morning the 14th of September 2010 I asked telepathically during the web cast Amma and Bhagavan to gain a blessing for the pain in my legs. On Monday I felt very down. On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday I was in complete Oneness.

The next day on Friday I woke up with a little bit less Oneness. I decided to meditate on Friday morning. I could feel at the same time my expansion and contraction of the cubes in my aura fields. It was like feeling the pain and flow around me at the same time. The rejection at work and my sincere money problems was related to the small cube and the flow of Oneness of the last couples of days was related to the big cube.

child abuse

By embracing this pain in the small cube for over 10 minutes I suddenly saw the back of a van and ambulance. I was brought back to my accident at the age of 16 when I walked into the body of a boy of 16 years old. I was crying instantly I saw myself laying on the road and it was raining. I was connecting with my emotions at that age. I saw my blue left legg again very clearly. I realized my pain in my body and pain in my fingers and extreme pain in my calves and heart came from the trauma of this accident.

ship in dok

While writing this page a new divine insight manifested for the first time in my life. Why on the Dokweg, which is located in the harbor area? In Dutch a "Dok" means a place to lift a boat and to clean, repair or renovate the boat. The "weg" means simply road or street. In other words to clean your ship and set new directions. Ancient clay tablet scriptures speak about a boat and 50 boats men to been thrown in the ocean to kill your ego and reach Nirvana. This the Oneness state and is related to the Metraton Cube. Everything fits!

ijmuiden complex

The fear of death was stored in my legs and the fear for the power of the divine - which made the walk-inn possible - was also stored in my legs.

I had only seen the accident back in 1999 while participating at an Earth & Sky workshop in Chile with Drunvalo Melchizedek. But I had never felt the accident in my heart. This time I was crying, shaking and laughing at the same time. Many clients I had explained that just before the impact of an accident your body contracts and you store the fear somewhere. I use to explain to students with this example how a young child would react to an extreme anger person. I was talking for years to myself! The fear for the divine was released and this liberation was sensed very strongly. For years I had strong fear my son Ramon would get an accident and I was very carefully the last 10 years this would not happen. The cause of the pain in my calves and hands and fingers was very clear now.

The next page is refering to the experiences of snow flog blessing and embracing very painfull energies in heart and hands.

In one heart of Joy and Gratitude




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