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Only at this moment in time


In March 2010 Oneness University had changed over night its strategy from teaching on how to embrace emotions to giving global awakening through a Oneness Awakening course facilitated by certified Oneness Trainers. The Oneness Trainer course in India was changed and the Mukti Deeksha was introduced by means of touching paduka's through which divine energies flow. Although I had to overcome sincere obstacles to travel to India it seemed to be I was at the right time at the right place. As soon as I registered about 4 to 5 weeks in advance I have never slept so much in my life. Remotely I have received a bombardment of high frequency energy to prepare my body for enlightenment.

Receiving something very phenomonal .... hard to find the words

The first day of arrival - a free day to relax and to arrive in India - I was guided to visit the Oneness Temple by means of taking a TukTuk. A ceremony was going on with local Indian people. I moved to the row of people in front of Paduka's. I had now idea what was going on but modeled the others before me. I did put my hands on the Paduka's for about 2 to 3 minutes. The next day I was walking consciousness in a huge sphere of light of hundred of meters diameter and a detail of sacred geometry I never witnessed in my life. Everything was crystal clear, extremely detailed and realities were overlapping. At that time I did not link this with the touching of the Paduka's. Later that week I started to realize what happened on the first day and the weeks before arriving in India.

In the next week we were reprogrammed in such a way the Buddhist teachings on emptiness I received over the last 15 years started to make much more sense. The essence was the same but the presentation was more to the point.

  1. Your thoughts are not your thoughts
  2. Your mind is not your mind
  3. Your body is not your body
  4. Everything is automatically
  5. I as a person do not exist

While my strong sensing I was dancing with the beautiful geometrical shapes in and around me on planet earth, jumping from planet Earth to the others planets within our solar system and from solar system to solar system one of the 5 programs was telepathically slightly differently repeated by Amma. "Your bodies are not yours they do not exist". It stroke my heart.

Dancing with geometrical shapes around me had been always one of my favorite activities on the dance floor long before connecting with Oneness University in 2004. From Level 2 I learned dancing brings your body in to rapture mode and the divine energies flow freely through you.

While dancing on live Indian Bajan music a shift in perception took place. For years I had identified myself with my capabilities to visualize and experience geometrical shapes around me and the study how to create one larger shape from a smaller shape by specific rotations, directions and speeds. I knew sacred geometry involved the study of the Divine and the left brain activation.

child abuse

For the first time my strong sensing I realized geometrical shapes are not mine they are part of the divine. At that moment in my heart space I felt an immediate change and a sense of hollowness in my heart chakra. Something obviously disappeared. Bhagavan refers quiet often to this as the you is wiped out. As of that moment the contraction you normally feel when someone calls your name or you have to mention your name is gone. The universe had taken over. While experiencing and visualizing series of geometrical shapes - part of visualizing a body mandala - the sensation of I had disappeared over night and the amount of bliss and joy was boosted. My mind knew I had studied sacred geometry in order to study the Divine, however my heart never realized these shapes are and belong to the Divine. This was a breakthrough on a deep level.

Absence of thoughts - strong inner peace - absence of conflict - spontaneous great bliss - crystal clear consciousness - were put in place. And although "my hands" had become extremely soft over the last 3 months at this time a new even deeper softness was put into place. The softness of the skin of "my" whole body was remarkable. And so was the laughing and crying for the pain of other people. I felt extremely deep connected to the suffering of all 400 trainers. Their charge could be sensed all at once.

Abuse at early age

child abuse

For years I was suspicious about abuse with men when I was a teenager. In earlier published pages I mentioned this already. In this Oneness Trainer course 2 gay men started to look at me in a way I ended up in a shock. The tension and fear was extremely and was brought to the surface by 4 magic coincidences. I could easily feel the charge. In addition I received a healing - after my body was shaking for 2 hours - of a men and he was touching my throat, heart and navel chakra. A strong fear arised he would move lower. In addition a Japanese monk jumped on to me as a joke, while I was laying on my back. I was embracing this pain.

One night I woke up about 10 times while breathing in a hyper ventilation shock. It all came out. In addition I was surrounded by women who encountered abuse in their lives. The recognition of the intense pain what we call love. You recognize your self in the other person based on common charges. The love as such is an illusion. I had an abuse magnet in place to attract gay men and abused women. As soon I started to see this and realized what was going on the process of releasing stored fears started to take place. I had attracted in the past girl friends who were abused. It was a painful pattern in my life. Two months ago my aunt of 90 years old told me she was abused and did never enjoyed sex with men. The men who did it was also oriented towards boys. I had a strong belief my father was the victim of the same person and for this reason he might have start extensive drinking.

Mantra in the Dutch language

As part of the programming also a very specific mantra needs to be chanted for 49 minutes without a single interruption. The strong recommendation is to chant this in your native tongue. I use to have a strong resistance to use the Dutch language for spiritual studies, web sites and summaries. Everything over more then 20 years was written down and practiced in English.

dutch trainers group

Deep in my heart I knew I was send to Holland by the Divine to enter a human body of a 16 year Dutch old boy on 17-07-1980. I was made aware of this walk-in aspect by Drunvalo Melchizedeck of the Flower of Life in 1999. Bhagavan made me in 2005 aware of the first walk-in or switch, which took place during a surgery on 14-02-1974. In other words 3 spirits lived in the physical body. One of the first communications with Bhagavan showed 3 waste baskets been thrown out of a window. These represented the emotional charges of 3 spirits stored in the body. Whether you are a walk-in or not you still need to purify all your charges. This was the main message in 2005. Forget to be special, forget to get recognition and start working on the dark side - your emotional charges.

I was angry with the Divine I was send to Holland and lived this life with extreme strong family karma with alcoholism of my father, a secret gay father, a suicide attempt of my mother, abuse by a gay friend of my father and a jealous sister. While chanting in Dutch I was crying out deep rooted pain and started to laugh after some time about this life after realizing it was not real anyway. The 30 years life up to this moment was an illusion. It was programmed in this way. I realized grace was received during these 30 years. The Divine had reached out its hands towards me in many occasions. Now the bond would become very strong. The anger I was send to Holland was gone. I was ready to face the challenges ahead of me. The reason I walked into the body of a 16 years old Dutch boy.

The Divine

Only in this course I realized what Oneness University means by the Divine. When the mind is switched off and the Divine takes over the total control over the body. This total control is the Divine, because everything happens automatically. We are not aware of this. The Divine flows through everything. And we have no control what so ever.

Universal Compassion

In some instances while healing patients I could not repeat what happened. Some force took over and I was inside the body of the patients which were thousands of kilometers away, some visualizations took place and after 20 seconds inner guides told me the healing was finished. Leukemia cancer was cured in this way. I finally understood you can not repeat these miracles yourself. You have to surrender and let the Divine to the job. You can not explain the Divine. You can not control the Divine. The personal I transformed into to the universal I and universal compassion and flows through everything in existence.

The next page is refering to the experiences of of starting Oneness Coaching instead of giving only Oneness Blessings to deepen the process and my teaching capabilies.

In one heart of Joy and Gratitude




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