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Bath foam from Italy with Egyptian hieroglyphics.

It was snowing very strongly in December 2010 in the Netherlands. I was recitation with joy the Tibetan spiritual nine-line Migtsema prayer which I know by heart:


Tsongkhapa, crown ornament of the scholars of the lands of the snow
You are Buddha Shakyamuni and Vajradhara, the source of all the attainments
Avalokitesvara the treasury of unobservable compassion
Manjushri, the supreme stainless wisdom
And Vajrapani, the destroyer of the host of maras.
O venerable Guru-Buddha, synthesis of all Three Jewels
With my body, speech and mind, respectfully I make requests
Please grant your blessings to ripen and liberate myself and others
And bestow the common and supreme attainments

snow tree egyptian aroma

While walking on the street outside I imaged at the outer layer of the sphere of my heart chakra snow flog crystals. The same ones I saw all over the place. After getting home I felt terrible cold inside. I decided to take a warm bad. I asked my self what is giving me extreme joy? The answer came out of now where and was the smell of Italian bath foam in an Egyptian styled bottle containing 19th herbs. (related to the 19 spheres of the Flower of Life Symbol.


I received this bottle from Cristina my Italian friend and workshop translator. Next moment I did get an intensive connection with the great pyramid and the city underneath. The octahedron is the opponent power for the jealousy, which was all over the place in my life as well. I was extremely emotional and cried for a long time about my connection with the Great White Brotherhood underneath the great Pyramid.

The next page is refering to the experiences of lying for 20 years about karate and embracing very painfull energies in heart and hands.

In one heart of Joy and Gratitude




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Oneness Effort

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