Moving towards my mission in life

Living on purpose

I wrote the following 3 pages in May 2011. I have kept notes about what had happened during the 2nd half of 2010 and the first half of 2011 in my iPhone notes. Only at this time I could see where I was going through all of these months. I did not had a desire to share earlier and lacked the energy to write thinks down. I was focusing on Oneness Coaching and helping out individuals on a one to one basis. In addition I was fighting a financial crisis with the deepest fears of dying from an ego point of view.

From a financial course on passive income I learned : If you add value to others peoples lives this is like a thermostat to the amount of wealth and cash flow which come in. Am I giving maximal added value with my talents to the world? .... the answer .. No

child abuse

Directing my higher self to higher goals

In september 2010 I read the pages in the Oneness Trainer manual on the alignment of the higher self to higher goals. It is about the mantra : I am That. I was fully aware of my so called bad habits driven by charges from my family lines. I was accepting them on deeper levels year by year.

Bhagavan's advice is:"Remember to de-align yourself from the lower consciousness by disassociating yourself with limiting stand and taking empowering stands so that you could connect yourself to the higher consciousness".

During the Oneness Training course and the weekly remote blessings and preparations I took a decision to combine the teachings from different schools and use this stand: "I am crystal clear divine consciousness and spontaneous great bliss".

Affirmations can be stored on a deep level into your body cells by dancing your body into rapture with you eyes closed. This will bring the divine flow into your energy bodies. This was a strong advice of Bhagavan to take into account.

Finding your passion and when is your passion authentic?

My mind was playing tricks with me for over a year to select and enjoy what to do in life. The selection was for me the more easy part because of the awareness of my mission. To enjoy what I had chosen was more difficult and only happened fully in 2011. I realized on deep levels:

  • Love between persons is based on pain and very conditional.
  • All the activities we do in life is based on pain.
  • When charge is dissolved we start new activities based on another charge.
  • Things we master in life is originating from pains.
  • When you are in Nirvana you just be and inspire.
  • What ever you bring out you talk to yourself anyway.
  • Is my passion authentic?
  • Does an authentic passion exist?
  • Is the strong drive to move on with a passion not mastering every single fear one by one?

It is like we become experienced in life, we develop skills and we attract persons in life to face obstacles and difficult times in order to grow. And eventually help others who face the same or similar situations at that future moment! We learn from each others life experiences. This will ensure in case you teach, coach or write it comes from your heart. Radiate real life examples and not theory from text books.

I decided to look at my life and my mission which was received back in 1999. Bija Gandhi Salem can be translated as bringing without force seeds of peace in the hearts of many.

At one moment I did got the clear insight my father neglected me emotionally and for this reason my passion seemed to be teaching on the subject of emotions. Is this an authentic passion? Did I still had charge inside of me, because i had not been able to help my father with his bad drinking habit? I decided to write an eBook on Understanding our Emotions anyway and dropped the question. I wrote down all my experiences of teaching on this subject for over 10 years. I also decided to add the sources of inspiration in a later version in 2011.

In the end I decided to expand this eBook and added another 6 in a complete Oneness Effort series. In 2013 It would be puplished as a book Oneness Effort.

The next page is refering to the experiences of childhood pain and embracing very painfull energies in heart and hands.

In one heart of Joy and Gratitude




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Oneness Effort

Oneness Effort

Published with permission of Oneness University

Blessed by Bhagavan


Understanding Our Emotions

Understanding Our Mind

Setting your Goals

Design by Divine

Tracing our Sorrow

Facing our Shadow

Embracing our Pain

Realizing our Purpose

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