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8 Steps of lying

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Wado Kai Karate and black belt.

After the walkin in at the age of 16 the body needed to be healed and the teasing at school needed to be stopped. Since I went to a new school at the age of 13 years I was an outsider at school.

Given the stress at home with a sick father and a hard working mother both my body and breath had a tendency not to smell nice. Parts of food from my stomach moved stream upwards into my mouth. It was not shut off very well.

The kundalini was very active in the middle of the winter I only was wearing a t-shirt and no gloves while it was freezing outside. For a young kid I had stomach and colon problems and on top of the stress problems at home. I was pre occupied with this health problem and the teasing at school. The reason for the teasing I never shared with anyone at that time. I felt emotionally miserable. For three years on a school where you did not wanted to be.

At this school at the age of 13 I did receive my nick name Gandhi. Every time the teasers called me by this name my energy fields contracted. I did not know at that stage who Gandhi was. It was one of the most horrible phases in my life, which I blocked completely. It is hard to write down even. Now if I would have been called Gandhi it would be perceived as a very big compliment. Later on it became part of my mission Bija Gandhi Salem. Directly after the switch on the 17th of July 1980 I changed school and started to participate 3 times per week karate classes. The letter against the wishes of my father. I had to pay everything myself. It was a way of becoming independent and strong.

Wado Kai Karate was chosen. Karate means "Empty Hand" and Wado Kai means "Peaceful Method". In this fighting style you step aside and make use of the energy of the opponent. In six years I went from white to yellow to orange to green to blue to dark braun to light braun. Then I left home at the age of 22 years and found a new sports school and karate teacher.

And again Ramon played an important role in 2009 and 2010 to bring my charges up. We have been treating Ramon like a prince as suggested by Bhagavan up to the age of 12 years old. He was teased at school at the age of 8 years and as soon as I knew he joined karate classes. I also explained to him that children who do not get love from parents at home start teasing children who receive it in abundance. I explained him everything they say to you him is about themselves. And we made clear children stop teasing when they respect you and for this they might need to feel a physical punch or kick. The teasong stopped after 8 karate classes.

Every two weeks I went with him on Tuesday afternoon to watch his class. Because he started karate classes I started to think about a restart. At home I was helping him with his techniques and kata's. I failed my black belt exam and pretended for over 20 years to have a black belt. It was a lie, which I started to belief myself.

It happened to be that one of my fellow friends with whom I trained for over 6 years in IJmuiden and became European Champion karate. I heard from his brother he was teaching karate for over 20 tears in a sport school 5 minutes drive from my house in Bloemendaal. There was a strong charge to start classes and I delayed for over 2 years. I did not wanted to connect with the past and not with people from IJmuiden. I was afraid I could not handle my emotions.

In december 2010 I took the decision to call my friend and started classes again. Getting my black belt was something to be completed somehow. Giving up before the finish? I found out it would take much more effort at the age of 47 to get at the level to do the black belt exam compared to a re-exam at the age of 26. It happened to be 2 more friends who trained at the same sport school while we were young had their black belts and started to train again 2 years earlier. And as such again encounters with persons living in IJmuiden.

According to Oneness University our unconsciousness mind has de program of lying running to escape pain. It is a normal way to hide. Many humans use this tactic to feel better. The unconscious mind is basically:

  1. All experiences that have happened in your life which you did not consciously register or did not pay attention to or have suppressed or are resisting.
  2. All experiences that you had in your mother's womb
  3. A part of the human collective consciousness

Oneness University describes 8 very interesting steps of lying to check for yourself:

  1. Take a stand
  2. Tell a lie
  3. Belief in lie
  4. Reinforce lie
  5. Talk outside about the lie
  6. Perform outside activities in social network
  7. Seek exposal and approval of others in social network
  8. Sustain the lie

It seems to be that failing my black belt exam was extremely painful and was blocked by sustaining a lie for over 20 years.

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