Moving from Oneness Blessings to Oneness Coaching

Envy and the effect on my activities


After becoming an certified Oneness University Trainer in March 2010, I felt no joy in continuing organizing Oneness Blessing ceremonies and weekends. What was going inside? In summary:

  • Not wanting to organize anymore Oneness Blessing ceremonies for groups in my house. To be honest only 2 to 3 people showed up compared to 10-15 persons in earlier years. The ones who participated regularly where very critical towards me. And in addition they moved towards Oneness Haarlem ceremonies who switched from organizing on monday evenings to sunday mornings as well.
  • Not wanting to see many people at all and forcing my self to feel the pain of loneliness.
  • Deepening the Oneness Teachings by starting One to One coaching in order to earn money from which I could buy food in financially hard times.

I felt most individuals in the Oneness Movement focused on the Divine and did not put much effort in their Oneness Process from their side. From my perception they relied on the fact all the work would be done by Amma and Bhagavan and through the Blessing Givers. I decided to built an Oneness Coaching web site in Dutch explaining both in my own words and from my own experience sofar the main concepts of the Oneness Approach for personal development and spiritual growth.

The main Oneness University concept for:

success = ((intention + effort) =10%) + ((grace) =90%)

According to the teachings the grace will do 90% of the job by means of prayer and being gratefully and satisfied for everything an individual has received in life.

Both the intention and effort represent the 10%, which are the starting factors in the equation. They are the most important part to get the 90% rolling. And because Bhagavan talks about an percentage you boost your success even stronger, because in addition you get more more grace by putting in a stronger heartfelt intention and more effort. More grace implies more success!

Attracting clients to become better and better in explaining

By having clients to explain in 5 minutes the Oneness Approach I became better and better in explaining why the process is one of the most ultimate succesfull approaches and enabeling clients to choose for this roadmap.

  • Life is reflection of quality of relationship with parents.
  • Pain from childhood is blocked by storing them in our physical and energy bodies. In joints, spine discs and organs.
  • The collective mind is programmed to stay away from the emotional wounds. You need to be smarter.
  • Emotional wounds are attracting life events and situations like a super charged magnet. You have no control whats so ever.
  • Early chilhood traumas's interfer only strongly in life after they moved from the outer layers of our heart to the centre. In most cases above 40 years of age.
  • 5 layers or wheels reside in our heart in which black holes reside. These charged magnets colour constantly the present and create illusion of our character (allergic reactions to outer world) and self

Coaching has resulted in writing down experiences for global audiance

After explaining the Oneness Approach and supporting clients for over 2 years I noticed my time was limmited. In addition I was explaining the same concepts over and over again in drawings. And my handwriting was not very clear. I dediced to write things down and used the first ebook Understanding our Emotions as an high value present for people who do not know me to gain trust.

dutch trainers group

The next page is refering to the experiences of growing towards selecting and enjoying the activities in life ,which fit my mission.

In one heart of Joy and Gratitude




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Oneness Effort

Oneness Effort

Published with permission of Oneness University

Blessed by Bhagavan


Understanding Our Emotions

Understanding Our Mind

Setting your Goals

Design by Divine

Tracing our Sorrow

Facing our Shadow

Embracing our Pain

Realizing our Purpose

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