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Only at this moment in time

Creating this web site with personal experiences, suggestions and information about Amma and Bhagavan was only possible at this moment in time. From June 2004 up to this moment (nov 2007) in time the connection with the Oneness Movement crystallized. Now I would like to illustrate this process for others to show my gratitude and help others connecting with:

Guts: to face your emotional side

Grace: to learn to ask for divine help and receive instant support in your life

Gratitude: to feel the joy and satisfaction of the universe.


Personal Process, Divine and giving Blessings

For decades the Divine takes an very active role in my life and loads of Grace was received. Magical healings were performed, money was gained in the casino, teachings were received holographically and so on. When I look back for some reason all the emotions with high charge have not interacted in receiving grace. You might receive more instantly when all the charge is gone. From my point of view the Divine takes over and our personal mind with high emotional charge from the past does not interfere at all during healings and Oneness Blessings. Our spiritual power could be defined as personal power + divine power. The letter is the most powerful and more intelligent. For this reason Oneness Blessing givers in general pass on the Divine energies which all of us need to shine a light on ourselves. On this website I describe the power of the Divine and the power of the Oneness Movement. Myself is inferior and an illusion anyway. It is only an illustration for you to get a glimpse on the process itself.

Some identifications from the past, to be special, to get recognition and to separate:

Raja Yoga Teacher 15 years

Buddhist Highest Yoga Tantra Practitioner (Heruka) 12 years

European Flower of Life Facilitator (4 countries) 5 years

Walk-in member Tat brotherhood of ascended masters

Independent Tree of Life Facilitator (4 countries) 7 years

European Oneness Blessing giver (4 countries) 3 years

3 university degrees MBA MA MSc

Black belt Wadokai Karate


We are all one and our hidden charge creates the illusion of separation.

Identify and embrace your charge instead of you skills and capabilities to differentiate. You might have run into circles for years and meeting the right teacher is more important then what you already seem to know. I feel more relaxed, joyfull and accept where I am and where we are. Just compare the photos of before process and ... 5 years later in the process.

The next page is refering to the experiences of of how powerfull Amma and Bhagavan are to attract spiritual seekers and help them while having to many concepts in the head

In one heart of Joy and Gratitude




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Oneness Effort

Oneness Effort

Published with permission of Oneness University

Blessed by Bhagavan


Understanding Our Emotions

Understanding Our Mind

Setting your Goals

Design by Divine

Tracing our Sorrow

Facing our Shadow

Embracing our Pain

Realizing our Purpose

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