Oneness Blessing Father Day

Why a father day?

Bhagavan Amma

It seems to be that most individuals need series of Oneness Blessings to move smoothly through major life transformations. During a full day we have more time to relax your body and mind and to prepare your heart to receive the Oneness Blessing. In addition you move closer or open your heart stronger to the Devine. And last but not least we can focus on your relationships and accepting yourself as you are today without bringing your dreams or goals into view.

Should I prepare for the full Oneness Blessing Day?

Yes, please make a top 10 to feel list about your emotional pain with your father. A top 10 to feel list. Please check carefully wether your mind is not sabotaging, if you can not find anything. Just go back in time and write down the instances. Fortunately people exist, who have perfect relationships with their parents in which they can share without any fear their deepest emotions. If this is the case with you, please make a top ten hurt list of your actions in life, by which you offended your father.

What are the times?

Saturday or Sunday from 9.30 hrs until 13.00 hrs and from 14.30 hrs until 18.30 hrs. In most cases we organize a weekend with on Saturday the Father day and Sunday the mother day.

What is the price?

The price for a full father or mother day is 55 Euros. If you atttend both in one weekend the price is 99 Euros. We offer free water and thee. You have to take care of your own lunches.

Do I need to register?

Yes please so so. We want to organize everything smoothly. It would be convenient if we know in advance how many persons are attending. In case you decide at last moment please give us a call in advance. You are more then welcome. On the registration contact form indicate at the message you register for Oneness Blessing Father Day.

Do I need to bring anything with me?

Yes please bring your own meditation cushion. If you do not have one we can supply one. Also a matras or yoga cushion to put on the floor would be convenient.



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Oneness Effort

Oneness Effort

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Blessed by Bhagavan


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