First Two Oneness Blessing Experiences

First Oneness Blessing Barcelona

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After talking with Alexis she told me Freddy Nielsen was comming to Barcelona and if I could I should come. We went by car to Barcelona to an hotel where it was loaded wtth people. We where a litte bit late and had to wait for the next session, which would start in 1.5 hours. So we went out the hotel and came back later. I was with my mother, partner and son of 4 years old.

The 2nd session of the Oneness Blessing ceremony started quickly and everyone was in the queue. One by one all of us received a Oneness Blessing of 13 seconds. From a person point of view I remembered I still had obstacles for this Oneness Blessing approach. From my point of view I was so used to the energy of a very sweet Tibetan Lama Geshela and now I needed to trust a total stranger, who did not felt the same. My mind started to create more and more obstacles. Anyway I decided for the benefit of others I should try.

When Freddy laid his hands on me I felt the normal peace I had felt in daily meditations, but the lines of light in my head felt completely different. I felt disoriented and somewhat strange. It was a Thursday night the Oneness Blessing took place and the next 3 days I was in a strong depression I had never felt in my life before. On Monday Alexis called me again to inform she was organizing another Oneness Blessing on the beach of Sitges 10 minutes from my home at Tuesday night. I told her my experience and informed her I was not planning to come to any Oneness Blessing, whatever location. She said she would talk to Freddy about this situation.

No Second Oneness Blessing Experience on the Sitges beach

Monday afternoon Alexis phoned back and informed me I had entered the black side of my soul by the first 13 seconds Oneness Blessing, which normally only occurs after receiving many Oneness Blessings and in many cases only in India. It was part of the process and I should come for the beach Oneness Blessing. My mind was trying to stop the whole connection with the Oneness Movement and my heart had a strong desire for helping other people. For the letter I was meditating for over 10 years 3 tot 4 hours a day to reach enlightenment. But the more pure my energy became the more emotional problems I got 2 days before the teachings.

For over 5 years across Europe I was teaching to help others. About 2 days before these teachings I was really connected with the group and felt in many occasions terrible, because of all the emotional pain of every single person. And over the years the relationship problems of the students became more and more extreme. Students not talking to their parents, adopted during childhood, students children not knowing their grand parents, while they are were alive. I tried to escape this reality and did not like my job from time to time. Even when I met people coincidently in many cases: relationship problems, adopted, divorce situations and so on. So my heart knew to move on with Oneness Blessing for others.

The next page is refering to the experiences of the Oneness Blessing experiences in Barcelona in 2004 with over 100 participants in a very nice atmosphere.

In one heart of Joy and Gratitude Jyotisha



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