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Second Oneness Blessing Experience on the Sitges beach

The experience of the 2nd Oneness Blessing was totally different from the first one. It took about 2 minutes and the physical pressure on my head of two hands was huge. Afterwards I felt a strong connection with everything a life around me. I could feel and taste the water of the ocean miles away from the beach and felt every single cell of a nearby tree. It changed my daily meditation practise for ever. The following weeks it took much less effort to get into it. The inner peace was much more accessible and so was the joy.

My mind tried to find out what the Oneness Blessing was all about and tried to find similarities between the Flower of Life, Buddha Heruka and Oneness Blessing. This tendency still exists and is no problem as long as you do not focus on contradictions. Living in Joy, the 4 Tibetan Joys from the Heruka meditation and Drunvalo´s strongly repeated words of 1999, which entered deeply my consciousness "Life is Joy", where all about the same concept? Anyway I did not care and was waiting for the next Oneness Blessing to receive.

3rd till 18th Deeksha in Barcelona

At the end of 2004 in the November and December period very nice Oneness Blessing evenings where organised with life Indian music and the Moola Mantra music. Lucas and 2 women from Chile where organizing these wonderful events. It stroke me these 3 Oneness Blessing givers worked so nicely together. I reached the Black Near Attainment (in Buddhism 8 states of dissolution are clearly described and this is number 7 just before entering the last number 8: clear light of bliss) very easily, in which the sky is pitch black and filled with beautiful stars and you become the centre of creation. You also experience one or two faints like moving along a fast moving elevator from the 50th floor to the 1st floor in 1 second. You are so interconnected and inside the mantra chanting you could sense a strong inner joy. The weeks afterwards the joy in life continued and started to become a part of ordinary life.

The next page is refering to the experiences of the call of Bhagavan to come to India and enrole in the level 1 21 days format.

In one heart of Joy and Gratitude Jyotisha



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Oneness Effort

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