Oneness Blessing Ceremony

What is a Oneness Blessing?

Bhagavan Amma

A series of Oneness Blessings can bring you states of enlightenment. It is an initiation and transmission of divine power. Those whose koshas (physical and spiritual bodies) are ready, can receive the state. Otherwise it would be put inside as a seed and initiates the process towards enlightenment

Words of Bhagawan: One of the Founders of the Oneness University

What happens with the Oneness Blessing giver?

The Oneness Blessing giver connects with the suffering of the group. The Oneness Blessing giver connects with the supreme consciousness at her or his heart to bestow seeds of enlightenment to the Oneness Blessing receivers. A manifestation of energy descends in her or his body, taking full or partly control over what is going to happen. It is a transcendental state of consciousness.

How to to prepare for receiving the Oneness Blessing?

First of all get relaxed before receiving the Deeksha. Preferable a combination of meditation and moving your body. The Deeksha evening will be used for this preparation. At the end of the evening the Oneness Blessings are given. Create a huge amount of love in your heart for the Universe and see the Oneness Blessing giver as a representative of the Universe. The more you open your heart for him or her, the more powerful the Deeksha will be. While the hands are being put on your head keep on concentrating on your heart chakra.

What can you experience during a Oneness Blessing?

The Oneness Blessing giver puts his or her hands on your head. You might experience different things depending on your reality. You can feel heat or cold for instance. You can feel deep inner peace like you are in a meditation. You can experience you have the feeling you become the centre of creation and all light is moving away from your heart to the end of the universe. You can experience you are completely in trance and you have become the Moola mantra in case you are chanting on the music.

What can you experience after the Oneness Blessing?

You can feel nothing, very peaceful, full of love, full of joy, a mix of these or somewhat depressive for a couple of hours, days or weeks. The last mode is probably the most life transforming one. Oneness Blessing Black Side After Effects. If you feel nothing this might be related to certain conditions in your energetic bodies or not opening with unconditional love for the Diksha giver. The peaceful state refers to becoming very well centred in your heart like the peace which resides in the Eye of a Hurricane.

The love or compassion refers to being in connection with our planet and planets in our Star System. The Joy refers to being one with the Universe we are living in. However you do not have to be aware of all these connections for experiencing the power of the Oneness Blessing.

States of Enlightenment

The power of I love you is as gradual as the state of I have reached enlightenment. Many analogies and concepts exists. Below is one of the Yoga schools. 3 main states exists with 7 gradual phases:

I Witness State: You are That
1) no inner conflict; you just see how world plays
2) same with more joy
3) same but more silence

II Oneness State: Cosmos is you
4) same with permanent feeling of connectiveness; you no longer feel you are a separate being
5) TAT-TVAM-ASI; you feel one with everything; observer and observed have merged into one
6) AHAMBRAHMASMIN; cosmic consciousness encompass the entire creation; joyful you have become all life

III Devine State: Kingdom of Heaven
7) ANTARYAMIN: Presence of the divine as personal friend; tremendous amount of joy and love. You actually pass out hours or even days to receive or obtain this state

Do I need to register?

Yes please so so. We want to organize everythings smoothly. It would be convenient if we know in advance how many persons are attending. In case you decide at last moment please give us a call in advance. You are more then welcome. Please use the Registration Form and indicate in the message box Oneness Blessing.



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Oneness Effort

Published with permission of Oneness University

Blessed by Bhagavan


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