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Oneness Blessing

Monday 22nd December 2011

jyotisha Dear [firstname] your monthly newsletter in which we cover subjects, which improve the flowering of your heart. By means of embracing your sorrow in order to enjoy your life and the state your are in. Jyotisha

Inner Peace 7 eBook series


From the experiences of 3 years of One-2-One Coaching on how to break through traumas and non favourable life conditions I have written down the insights and step by step method in an Inner Peace 7 eBooks series. It has taken a huge amount of time and dicipline to finish the eBook series.

Understanding Our Mind - How to be smarter as our sabotaging mind and understand your emotions.

Understanding Our emotions - Understand the development and opponent powers of anger, attachment, jealousy, pride and insecurity

Setting Our Goals - How to set your goals?

Tracing Our Sorrow - How to trace the sorrow in your life?

Facing Our Shadow - How to face your shadow?

Embracing Our Pain - How to break through traumas and unfavourable life conditions?

Realizing Our Purpose - How to find your passion and live on purpose?

Pranayama Secrets Revealed - How to breath energy in your heart? comming soon

Inner Peace Workshop Program

From the experiences of training for over 7 years across Europe the Flower of Life Egyptian mystery school teachings, 7 years of experience on giving Oneness Blessings and 3 years of One-2-One Coaching on how to break through traumas and life conditions I have created a Workshop Program to support you in your personal development.

Winning the mind game - How to be smarter as our sabotaging mind, setting your goals and understand your emotions.

From Shit to Bliss - How to trace, face and embrace your sorrow by a proven method and get more energy!

Intuition Turned On - Why meditation is fun and results in strong intuition!

Break Through Patterns - How to recognize life patterns in which you are stucked for over 7 years and do not know it.

Heart Full of Energy - How to inhale energy in your ever expanding heart and enjoy life to the full extent!

Inner Light & Beauty - Expand, purify and stabilize your energy fields by Ancient Egyptian meditation only 10 minutes for 365 days to establish these fields permanently!

Train the Healer - Experience Egyptian healing art and how you can become more confident and powerful as a healer!

Inner Peace Blessings - Experience how receiving weekly inner peace energy can help you to see you patterns and automatically bring sorrow to the surface.

Tantra Sex for Couples - How to enrich your love & sex life by connecting to one spirit!

You can read more information on Inner Peace Workshop Program on

Practice embracing and dissolving your charge while falling a sleep!


Practice to embrace and dissolve your charges while falling single pointedly in sleep and holding both the support and your suffering. Your dream might support the embracing dissolving charge process. This has been a personal experience and it seems to work. Try it out yourself.

Oneness Blessing calendar an receive it remotely

Inline ImageOneness Blessing sessions are organized throughout the world. See Handy Links at the left column for every country. In 2012 we organize every month an Oneness Blessing. If you live abroad or cannot make it, you can zoom into the session by meditating at around 11:45 hours, when the actual blessing giving starts. We suggest you to prepare in the following way:

  • subscribe through the contact form and put in the message "remote oneness blessing"
  • decide for which suffering you would like the Oneness Blessing to support you
  • connect with attention and intention remotely with us
  • Invite all you teachers and ancestors to come and help you
  • realize you tried to solve your problem for ages on your own and you need Divine grace
  • do some yoga exercises
  • do some mantra exercises like Dyana Mantra
  • sit down and receive the Oneness Blessing remotely

Any questions or request please let me know through the contact form. I can also supply you a link in order to receive weekly Oneness Blessings directly from Bhagavan.

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Experiences of grace in 2011

Inline Image

Have a feeling of gratitude in your heart for the life experiences in 2011 is the best start for 2012. It brings your attention to your heart where the seeds of oneness resides. Normally you operate from your head, where duality resides. Scan the 2011 year for magical coincidences in your life. List them. Have faith in the Divine and your life experiences for 2012. Happy new year!!!

The best wish for 2012

Inline Image

Be aware of all intentions of the 1st of January 2011 - which did not manifest in your life in 2011. This is in most cases because of your residing charge or inner conflict. In my case this was very obvious. So the best wish for 2012 is to ask your charge to be removed and to reach the state of Nirvana or beyond sorrow or Binah in the Kababalah. Oneness Blessings help you with this in the most perfect way.

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What do we mean when we wish someone else a happy New Year?

We ask the Universe to bless our mind, while we are on the Earth and the Earth is orbiting around the sun in 2012. The intelligent Universe supplies everything beyond imagination, so we should address our requests to the Intelligent Universe. And ......... be grateful of what we already received up to this moment from our lives.