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Oneness Blessing

Sunday 28th December, 2008

jyotisha Dear [firstname] your monthly newsletter in which we cover subjects, which improve the flowering of your heart. By means of embracing your sorrow in order to enjoy your life and the state your are in. And in addition purifying and increasing your consciousness level by means of ancient Egyptian sacred geometry meditations. Hans Jyotisha

What is insecurity or fear?

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When you where a baby you use to be a very open child with a large heart space. Setting your own playing rules like these 5 babies. Everything is in this picture. Over the years you have been hurt and you started to live in a smaller heart space.

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The Flower Of Life creation pattern describes the construction of your heart space in a geometrical form. Every circle is actually a sphere. The two larger spheres of flower of life is surrounded by a large cube. In all these spheres and layers of your heart emotional (traumatic) charge can reside. These charges recall fears in your daily life. And not only fears but also strong repetitive patterns as a result.

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Insecurity / anxiety / confusion : You have not taken enough heart space to live in. Your full potential child energy is put into a smaller box and moves into all directions. Clear life directions lack. You lack a strong connection with the magnetic field of Mother Earth. You have moved away from her and moved into your dualistic head. You loose energy because of this doubting process. Yes No Yes No Yes No......

Suggestions to overcome Insecurity:

The most important buzz words are Equanimity, Satisfaction, Gratefulness, Faith, Meditation and having clear directions. And in addition Oneness Blessings to help you more quickly to develop these inner qualities. Below some examples you could try. The list is far from complete.

Move from duality (your head) to unity (your heart). Fears are the result of inner duality or struggle and lack of inner peace. Because of mental doubting we loose 80% of our energy. Practice equanimity by holding a neutral position. When you dislike persons or material objects you create distance. When you like persons or material objects you want to unite or identify with them. Stop comparing 2 options. Write down the similarities between 2 options of strong doubt in your life. Create a list of similarities during one week of contemplation. Add a few every day. This list will pacify the polarity of your strongest doubt. In the end you will notice the two options of strong doubt are not that different. Our mind has a tendency to blow up situations. Automatically you move into your heart and are forced to take a heart decision from a position of relatively peace.

Give the root of the strong doubt or fear space. I am afraid ..... to do something wrong. To take the wrong decision. Afraid of being rejected. Afraid to be left alone. Try to feel how this fear is related to situations of the past. Can you hold this fear in your heart? Confront yourself with the fear. Embrace the fear in your heart.

Stabilize your own space. The emotion insecurity can be overcome by consciously staying in your space. An important aspect is to realize reactions of others are their issues. However as long as others drain your energy or trigger you in another way you need to investigate.

Persons who are angry with you push you away. You are not useful.

Persons who are pride make their space big and reject yours. You are inferior. Not useful.

Persons who are attached step in your space and want to unite: You are useful for one or more aspects.

Persons who are jealous make their space small and do the same with yours: You need to be controlled.

If you continue to let this draining happen? What does this say about yourself?

They trigger your inner charge or pain or sorrow. You still identify with these life situations and your inner charge. Look very carefully what is happening to you. The outer world is a reflection of the inner (charged) world. Start embracing your sorrow. Investigate these situations, recall them in your mediation. Move into your heart and hold the pain. Ask for help from the Universe or Divine or any other method you prefer. Come to the Oneness Blessing sessions and focus on this specific pain and you receive support.

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Oneness Blessing calendar an receive it remotely

Inline ImageOneness Blessing sessions are organized throughout the world. See Handy Links at the left column for every country. Every 2 weeks we organize an Oneness Blessing session in Bloemendaal Netherlands. If you live abroad or cannot make it, you can zoom into the session by meditating at around 11:45 hours, when the actual blessing giving starts. We suggest you to prepare in the following way:

  • subscribe through the contact form and put in the message "remote oneness blessing"
  • decide for which suffering you would like the Oneness Blessing to support you
  • connect with attention and intention remotely with us
  • Invite all you teachers and ancestors to come and help you
  • realize you tried to solve your problem for ages on your own and you need Divine grace
  • do some yoga exercises
  • do some mantra exercises like Dyana Mantra
  • sit down and receive the Oneness Blessing remotely

Any questions or request please let me know through the contact form.

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Web site styling information

Deeksha in Pyramid

Websites are restyled into a new color and more Egyptian look and feel with the picture of the Great Initiation. This picture has great meaning.

Deeksha in Pyramid

In a small corridor 1 + 1 + 12 individuals receive Oneness Blessing energy. These 12 individuals represent the 12 planets in our solar system and the 6 solid and 6 hollow organs in our body. The other 2 represent our planet Earth and the magnetic field around the Earth. In the Sacred Geometry path of our workshop program you can learn more about this.

Web site video information

On the homepage of we offer a selected set of video messages of Bhagavan, Anandagiri, Oneness Temple information and music.

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