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Oneness Blessing

Sunday 8th February, 2008

jyotisha Dear [firstname] your monthly newsletter in which we cover subjects, which improve the flowering of your heart. By means of embracing your sorrow in order to enjoy your life and the state your are in. Hans

What is anger?

Anger is an emotional state of mind, which has several phases of intensity in harming others and yourself. It harms the person who experiences it and it harms the people it is directed at. If you can not control your anger at this stage you could learn to control the 7 phases of anger. These phases originate from Buddhist sources.

  1. exaggerate the negative aspect of an object or person
  2. raise your voice
  3. raise your voice more strongly
  4. start calling names
  5. start to kick, strike, smash doors or throw objects
  6. wound someone
  7. murder someone

Many individuals who develop anger move very quickly from phase 1 to phase 5. First you exaggerate the negative aspect of an object or person. Your mind blows up the situation and looses the proper perspective. Secondly you start to raise your voice, thirdly you start to raise your voice more strongly, fourthly you start calling names, fifthly you start to kick, strike, smash doors or throw objects, then you wound someone and in the end you might even kill someone. If you direct extreme anger to yourself you develop destructive thoughts and in the end you commit suicide. Persons committing suicide attempts have extreme emotional pain inside and as such body pain is not felt at the moment of the act.

Actually you do not accept your shadow side with your inner charge and stored sorrow. You push this inside away and the outer reflection is that you create distance in relating with others. You create distance and separation. The person or object is like a mirror of your inner self, which you do not want to show and embrace. The result is that you can not stand the person or object in your space. You have a habit of pushing away your own pain and over react towards others easily.

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Bhagavan Explains:

Below you can watch about 10 selected messages of Bhagavan. It will automatically switch to the next one. By rolling your mouse you can select the next video, put full screen or stop temporarily and read the newsletter. In case you click stop you get a list of titles you can select. Among others the titles Accepting Your Self and Setting Relationships right support this newsletter. (If you do not see the video player please Click here)

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Anger in family relationships

We should not under estimate in how many families different relationships are broken for many years. Parents not relating anymore to each other and as a result divorced parents for their children. Brothers or sisters not relating anymore to each other. Children and parents not relating anymore to each other. Grandfathers and grand mothers not being allowed to relate to their grandchildren. Situations of adopted children feeling denied by their biological parents. And all involved parties have pain of the situation residing deep inside. In principal the emotion anger, which creates the actual distance can be initiated by other emotions like jealousy, pride, attachment or insecurity. And going back to childhood and back in time into generations within the family. All these broken relationships repeat from generation to generation resulting in distinct patterns.

In order to reach oneness relationships need to be set right. Your family are your best friends. They show you the way. They are the most difficult mirrors for yourself. You have chosen to be surrounded by them before you where born. They cope with the same mental challenges as yourself. You fight with your own shadow. Put things in perspective. Be gratefully towards your strongest enemies. They reflect your own pain. It is all about you!!

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Suggestions to overcome Anger:

Practice equanimity by holding a neutral position. When you dislike persons or material objects you create distance. When you like persons or material objects you want to unite or identify with them.

As long as family members, other persons or objects trigger your inner charge you need to control your anger, while you are with them in order not to hurt them with your non harmonic energy. Anger can destroy the inner peace of others.

Recall the situation on your meditation cushion, move into the anger in your heart and simultaneously meditate in your heart on the good aspects of your strongest enemies and ask for divine support to remove your charge.

Good aspects of your strongest enemies are in case of parents: without them you would not be here; they have invested a lot of energy in you; they could not go out when you were a baby and small kid; they might not have received the love and acceptance of their parents; They have the same life lesson as you; go to neutral place and show them respect. Ask them what they learned in their life. Start relating again.

If someone who is angry inflicts harm on you , you should not get angry, because the nature of anger is to inflict harm. It is not that persons fault. The anger is only temporary. It will not last very long. Anger is one of the delusions of our collective mind, which flows through all of us. Do not identify with the anger. Maintain equanimity by holding a neutral position and not choosing sides. As soon as you choose sides you drain your energy.

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Oneness Blessing calendar an receive it remotely

Inline ImageOneness Blessing sessions are organized throughout the world. See Handy Links at the left column for every country. Every 2 weeks we organize an Oneness Blessing session in Bloemendaal Netherlands. If you live abroad or cannot make it, you can zoom into the session by meditating at around 11:45 hours, when the actual blessing giving starts. We suggest you to prepare in the following way:

  • subscribe through the contact form and put in the message "remote oneness blessing"
  • decide for which suffering you would like the Oneness Blessing to support you
  • connect with attention and intention remotely with us
  • Invite all you teachers and ancestors to come and help you
  • realize you tried to solve your problem for ages on your own and you need Divine grace
  • do some yoga exercises
  • do some mantra exercises like Dyana Mantra
  • sit down and receive the Oneness Blessing remotely

Any questions or request please let me know through the contact form.

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Web site video information

On the homepage of we offer a selected set of video messages of Bhagavan, Anandagiri, Oneness Temple information and music. Everyone interessed into Oneness Blessings should watch these videos. They are a great source of connecting with Amma and Bhagavan.

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