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Newsletters on emotions and charge

January 2009 News Letter on fear

February 2009 News Letter on anger

March 2009 News Letter on jealousy

April 2009 News Letter on pride

May 2009 News Letter on attachment

September 2009 News Letter on embracing and discharching

November 2009 News Letter on frustration

December 2011 News Letter on inner peace

June 2013 Oneness Sessions News Letter

October 2013 Oneness Effort News Letter

General subjects

December 2008 News Letter

December 2008 Happy New Year News Letter

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Oneness Effort

Oneness Effort

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Understanding Our Emotions

Understanding Our Mind

Setting your Goals

Design by Divine

Tracing our Sorrow

Facing our Shadow

Embracing our Pain

Realizing our Purpose

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