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The process of studying spiritual know how continued during the last 6 years after connecting with Oneness University in 2004. However the grasping and daily discipline of studying became less and less. However my higher self pushed me to sacred geometry studies over and over again. Very intense studies for 2 months and then a break.

The Buddha Heruka practice is written in secret code language and it takes many initiations and years of daily practice to get a glimpse of the meaning. Deep in my heart I know this has been my path in the past and I keep track of all the parts that have been decoded and which parts are still a mystery. In this way I study very structurally over the years and make some progress.

The Kadampa Buddhists have learned me to show me a path to reach higher levels of consciousness inside sadhanas and showed me the inner door of the heart by means of colors and symbols of a child. See the above Heruka model representing the divine geometries of the heart with all the details.

Flower of Life has learned me to rotate sacred geometry shapes - the building blocks of life. By this I was able to unlock the Heruka practice to a larger extent. And from the Heruka practice I learned more about the sequence of sacred geometry shapes forming a so called body mandala.

Oneness University has learned me to move to pain and embrace pain and release charge and as such close the back door by which subtle energy constantly leaked away. This path has given me most of the life transforming results. More energy can be used to raise my consciousness. It has deep effects on insights in life patterns but also in the inner vision of the Heruka practice.

Now at this moment in time all 3 paths seem to dissolve and merge into one experience. Giving Oneness Blessings on to others has given me the opportunity to pass on both experience and knowledge about the divine and be an intermediate for bringing grace in the life of others.

Heart meditation and see myself as a baby out on the street and in my fathers hands

While studying Buddhist information about dissolving elements the last couple of months I moved deeper and deeper into bliss by following these instructions and combining them with very detailed teachings of Drunvalo Melchizedeck. Finally after 15 years of studying the Buddha Heruka sadhana, I could reproduce these described results up to clear light of bliss. And could ask questions directly to my higher self in the heart space.

You fall inside your heart and end up into a rectangular room with symbols - in my case Egyptian symbols - which you can investigate. You ask for light to see in this room and ask for directions to move to the right symbols. You meditate in complete darkness so light can not enter your pineal gland.

In one occasion I flew into 2 symbols. Then a metallic wheel with symbols became visable and I felt into spots ending up in holographic memories as a baby of 3 months old. Then out of the wheel my father appeared holding me in his hands, while I was 3 months old. I felt him being proud, but not a strong love towards me. I became very emotional about this encounter and this continued for some hours after the meditation. But this was the closest encounter with my father as a clear real life experience. I was in perfect bliss as a baby and noticed the feeling of energy between myself and my father.

The next page is referring to the experiences of embracing pain at the end of 2009

In one heart of Joy and Gratitude




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