Milan conference with Anandagiri Ji

The Dharma of Amma and Bhagawan

Anandagiri Ji

Comming together in Milan with hundreds of Deeksha Givers and many Italians was a great event. But besides this Dasa Andandagiri Ji gave his commentary on the Dharma of Amma and Bhagavan.

I bought in India the book "Miracles of Kalki, Life transforming experiences" written by diciples of Amma and Bhagavan, which I read over the last 2 years a couple of times. Especially page 15:

liberation from Work is Liberation from Society is Liberation from Civilisation is Liberation from Knowlegde is Liberation of the Mind is Liberation of the Self is Liberation of the Senses is Liberation of Life is Enlightenment.

Seed of Life Mandala

Especially the part Liberation from Knowlegde catched my eye many times. I was wondering all the time, what it would ment. I was up to my ears into sacred geometry and had troubles in letting it go. And my interpretation was "throw it all into the waste basket". I did not understand it, because I had seen during the 21 day process in India very nice drawings. Like this sand mandala representing the Seed of Life and Egg of Life. Everyday these sand mandalas where changed depending of the theme of the day

When Sri Bhagavan speaks about liberation from knowledge, it is liberation from the bondage of knowledge and not knowledge itself. When knowledge is not translated into an experience it becomes a hindrance to the very experience that you have set out to achieve. Knowledge that is an obstacle to the experience of life is a burden and a bondage. Hence has to drop.

From this perspective it it better to recieve spiritual experiences and then look for the knowledge in order to explain it. Presenting knowlegde without information how to experience it, does not make any sense. So first the experience and then the knowledge and not the other way around.

This conclusion is a very interesting teaching.

The next page is refering to the experiences of a traumatic life experience and how to enter it.



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