Bhagavan encounter in India during level I of 21 days

Spiritual Science Applied

The encounter with Bhagavan you can read about in the letter part of this page. First read about a major spiritual experience in my life in order to illustrate the meeting with Bhagavan.

Raja Yoga Clear Light Experience

Between the age of 26 and 30 I was doing my Raja Yoga Teacher training. For 3 years in a row one evening per week for 3 hours yoga classes. Raja Yoga is the yoga of Pantangali and includes 8 Samadhi´s (contemplation), 9 types of Pranayama (Cosmic Breathing), Dyana (concentration), Pratjahara (withdrawing of senses) and among in total 8 disciplines also the Yoga asana´s (positions). It is the Ancient Vedic tantric type of yoga, which has its origin about 8000 years B.C. from an old civilication. The focus is on balancing your left and right brains and maintain energy balance. The Hindu tradition is completely integrated with these teachings

One evening at the age of 28 I was dreaming a little bit, the teacher insisted to sit more straight, the next moment I heard a strange sound and connected with the planet Saturn. The next moment I experienced a very extreme bright light in my head and a very deep peace. The next 6 months my experience on this planet was totally different. All my delusions where gone and everyone was kind to me. Cars stopped on the road in order to cross the street, smiling faces and many more magic things occurred.

Osho Photo

However after 6 months the normal feeling of separation started to take over again as before the event and delusions came into existence again. I started my spiritual seeking to re-experience this connection with Saturn. For years I tried and tried and tried and studied all the available geometry patterns and relationships between Earth and Saturn. No .... extreme clear light, which purifies all your mental problems in one or two seconds.

Amma and Bhagavan Photo

Meeting Bhagavan

During the Darshan with Bhagavan we all had to stand up country by country. I decided to stand up with Egypt, because this is from my point of view my country. Leila also living in the Barcelona area also stood up, because she is Egyptian from origin.

The moment I stood there Bhagavan gave me the white light explosion in my head, where I had been searching for for many years. I was crying of love and the heat of my energy was intense. It was very emotionally. Twenty minutes later when Bhagavan passed through the corridor in the meditation hall I was still very touched. How could Bhagavan know? How could they help me to such an extent? I one split second ........ this must me the application of profound spiritual science. They where aware of my complete life in great detail. I was not able to share all these events and emotions with others - silence retreat - up to this moment in sharing main parts with with you.

The next page is refering to the experiences of repeating the 21 days process at home as instructed by bhagavan and the results while helping others.

In one heart of Joy and Gratitude Jyotisha



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