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tiny torch Use a lattern of light in the dark room of your heart

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The best meditation rooms have been built by the Egyptians in the great pyramid. Consciousness levels where raised from the strong unhappy self cherishing I, to the beauty of planet Earth, to the stability of the Solar System, to the peace of the Milkyway and finally to the universal compassion and gratitude of the Universe.

The different chambers where places where final initiations took place after years of preparations in the 12 tempels along the nile.

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The pictures clearly indicate that the Kingsroom is off centre, while the other rooms are in line with the central axis of the Great Pyramid. This has very deep meaning and refers to the physical heart in our body. Which is off centre like the Kings Room in the Great Pyramid.

Our physical heart has an energy field around it and this creates the pulsing of the heart and our life. We dedicate our Online Meditation Room to the bliss and peace resident in the Kings Room in our physical heart. Through this place we are all connected into Oneness.

Inline ImageEvery sunday morning we organize an Oneness Blessing session in Bloemendaal Netherlands. If you live abroad or cannot make it, you can zoom into the session at our local time by meditating at around 11:45 hours C.E.T., when the actual blessing giving starts. We suggest you to prepare in the following way:

  1. Subscribe through the contact form and put in the message "remote oneness blessing"
  2. Allow some time for meditation. From 3 - 10 minutes
  3. Invite all you teachers and ancestors in front of you and ask help from them
  4. Decide for which suffering you would like the Oneness Blessing to support you
  5. Connect with attention and intention remotely with us
  6. Realize you tried to solve your problem for ages on your own and you need Divine grace
  7. Do some yoga exercises
  8. Do some mantra exercises like Dyana Mantra.
  9. Chant the Moola Mantra for about 5 minutes.
  10. Relax your whole body and be aware of all your cells
  11. Sit down and receive the Oneness Blessing remotely

Any questions or request please let me know through the contact form

amma and bhagavan

Understanding its meaning (below), and focusing on that meaning while chanting, increases the mantra’s power exponentially. 

OM is the primordial sound of the universe that created everything.  The universe vibrates to this sound.

SAT is the formless, all pervasive "Unmanifest" experienced as the emptiness of the universe.

CHIT is the infinite Supreme Spirit of the universe, or Pure Consciousness.

ANANDA is joy, bliss, eternal happiness.

PARABRAHMA is the Supreme Creator.

PURUSHOTHAMA is the Avatar energy that incarnates to guide and assist mankind.

PARAMATHMA is the supreme inner energy (the God Within, In-Dweller, Higher Self, Antaryamin, etc., that guides and helps us) present in every being.

SRI BHAGAVATI is the female aspect of creation.

SAMETHA means in communion with, or together.

SRI BHAGAVATE is the male aspect of creation.

NAMAHA is salutation or prostration to the Universe.

An interpretation of the Moola Mantra, from the definitions above, could be that by chanting it, you can merge with pure consciousness, become one with the Supreme Creator, experience Divine Bliss, then humbly honor the universe, your Higher Self, and the male and female aspects of creation for the experience.

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In one heart of Joy and Gratitude




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Oneness Effort

Oneness Effort

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