Highlights Level 1 21 Day process in India with Oneness Blessings

Some examples to get a glimpse about the Oneness Blessings.

Below you can read about 4 situations, which describe the power of the Oneness Movement. I am aware I never did any emotional work before travelling to India. But I can assure you they know how to release your emotional pains very effectively and with great wisdom. People returning from India without any consciousness experiences experience similar things, but are not aware of the process. The result of the series of Oneness Blessings all takes place in the dream world.

3 instead of 2 spirits lived in body

Amma and Bhagavan Photo

My life has not been an ordinary one and before travelling to India I already knew many things about my spiritual roots. I was on the planet since 1980 and walked into a body of a 16 year old boy on 17-7-1980 and continued life as normal. The first day in India Bhagavan showed me a movie in which I was in a medieval castle and threw 3 iron black/grey coloured waste baskets out of the window into the waves of the shore of the nearby ocean. The message was clear: do no longer pay attention to your spiritual capabilities but look at your personal shit you need to get rid of in order to reach the expansion of the heart till the shore of the Universe. In Buddhism the Ocean of Nectar stands for the Universe. Three waste baskets kept me wondering for some days and the only conclusion was my walk in situation was more complex then expected. I always remembered a surgery date by heart 10-2-1974, because in numerology it ends up to 33. But why did I remember it so well? Apparently it was the first spirit switch, which seem to have failed, because 6 years later another switch had to take place.

Osho Photo

Osho and 15 years earlier

Many times in my life I made the joke: "if I had come 15 years earlier to this world I would have been a sanyassin". The 3rd day Osho appeared to me very clearly and I was overwhelmed with this connection. I was crying of this encounter and realized instantly this had to do with a cosmic plan, which was changed. I was supposed to come earlier to this world but something changed. In addition their was even deeper pain which was released. My father was supposed to teach me spiritually while very young, but he could no handle this reality and was always drunk. Because of this pain I was always looking for a spiritual teacher, with whom I could be close friends. But guess what happened: mainly remote teachings for years. Many spiritual seekers would be very willing to have these kind of teachings, but for me it is boring. I became more aware of this inner deeper pain.

Grand Mother

Oneness Blessings : Reunion with my Grand Mother

At the age of 4 years my grand mother died. My mother did not allow me to go to the funeral. I was to young for these things. After she passed away I remembered she flew through the window of my bed room and I got scared. Deep inside my memory I knew I had been searching for my grand mother under my bed for weeks after this event took place. In India this memory popped up and my grand mother and I were united in a higher dimension. Again this was so real and unexpected in terms of vision, feelings and touch. I felt so much love of her while embracing her and the tears dropped on the floor. I realized I had been searching for the love of my grand mother for decades without success. How did these Oneness Blessings enable this process? Amma Photo

Healing of back pain and Amma teachings

For some years I had terrible back pain while meditating. At the back of my heart the kundalini energy touched upon a point, which did not enable me to continue meditating for over 4 hours. I asked the Dasa who guided me for help to solve this issue. Again it became clear to me what the cause was: a deep traumatic experience between 10 and 16 years old. The pattern of this pain and fear was also ruling and limiting my life in terms of relationships. While being at the Ashram of Amma her face flew into my pain, I saw a explosion of big rocks flying into the air and falling into peaces, the next moment everything was gold and after that the colours of the rainbow appeared. She was helping me and teaching me how to remove very contracted energy, which resides in your bones. Back home it opened my eyes how to treat hernia patients - and not without success. Oneness Blessings were part of this healing.

The next page is refering to the experiences of of meeting Bhagavan while participating in level I in February 2005

In one heart of Joy and Gratitude Jyotisha



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