Emotional Balance during path to Oneness

Use of opponent powers

Deekshas lead to Oneness or Enlightenment. Phases of explosive emotions are in many cases part of the process, including my own. It is like the outer world manifests in a very short period of time all kind of situations in order to feed the triggering of your emotions. Or after the expansion of the heart chakra all the dirt comes out in the form of these allergic reactions to the outer world. No escape to anger, depression, frustration, insecurity, jealousy or pride. Understanding these delusions and applying opponent powers in my own process has been of great benefit. You can apply this wisdom during the day and night. However in your mediation embrace them. Also read the news letters on emotions we have prepared for you. Below is a summary of useful approaches


You live in a small container of light suitable for your power. As a result to much energy resides in a small container and it looses directions, because of the pressure. A one single choice or life direction lacks and the duality resides. Insecurity comes into existence because of low self esteem, deluded self identity and deluded self position. It has deep roots in the acceptation of your male and female side and the game between heart and mind.

How to solve insecurity

By searching for similarities between your 2 choices the polarity dissolves and you can learn to take a decision form the heart. Make a list and for one week write down at least 3 similarities each day to solve the lacking of your energy of doubting and insecurity

Anger and Attachment

Anger (-) is the opposite of attachment (+) and both delusions are related to the emotional balance within your Moon or Self Identity. At fool moon many humans lack stability, because of the strong influence of the moon.

Anger: You exaggerate the negative aspects of a person or object and you want to separate.

Attachment: You exaggerate the positive aspects of a person or object and you want to unite.

How to solve Anger and Attachment?

By practising equanimity - neutral position - you overcome your anger and attachment. Look at the bright side of people and object where your are anger with or dislike and look at the dark side of people and object which you desire

Jealousy and Pride

Jealousy (--) is the opposite of pride (++) and related to the emotional balance at Universal level.

Jealousy : You lack one skill, capacity or object, while others receive this without effort from the universe. You are anger with yourself, the person or at the universe. You feel inferior (-- = under dog)

Pride: You possess all objects or intelligence of the universe, while other don´t. You demonstrate possessions and mental skills to others. You are attached to your identity. You feel superior (++ = top dog)

How to solve Jealousy and Pride?

By practising satisfaction - neutral position - you overcome your jealousy and pride. Look at the things you already received from the Universe up to this moment and be grateful. Realize you will never possess all the material things, which exist in the whole Universe. Accept there will be always other persons who have received other aspects of the Universe, because their are so many. Also realize the Universe is super intelligent and although you might be an expert in one or more disciplines the Universal Intelligence is beyond comprehension and far beyond the human capabilities



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