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TV Communications with Bhagavan

Amma and Bhagavan Photo

Sometime in December 2004 I was doing my morning Heruka meditation and by accident I stared in the photo of Amma and Bhagavan on my shrine. Suddenly I was in another reality and Bhagavan told me to come to India and refrain from working the month before.

I was familiar with this kind of communications for over 10 years with another great teacher, but not with Bhagavan, whom I hardly knew up to that point. From that point of view I was quiet surprised, because I did not expect it and in addition the communication line was very clear and the instructions very detailed. For me it is hard to talk about these things, because over the years I learned this is beyond human comprehension. As soon as I start explaining these occurrences in more detail ... disbelief occurs. Anyway I will try to explain it to you.

As soon as I looked into the picture you enter another reality in your head. It is like a crystal clear TV screen which is switched on. On this TV Screen in your head the face of Bhagavan appears and you have a communication line with visual view but also taste, feeling, hearing telepathically and even smell on a more subtle level. It is a deep communication from heart to heart, with a tremendous amount of love and respect. Only a few words are necessary, because the communication is more rich then our standard level of communication.

Took the instructions of Bhagavan to my heart.

The first two weeks of January 2005 I certainly received Deekshas or Oneness Blessings from India as a preparation for the 21 day process. This receiving of Oneness Blessings continued physically during the process in India. As instructed no workshops in January 2005. It was good I took the instructions of Bhagavan into my heart, because for about 14 days I was exhausted my energy levels where very low and I slept many hours. I remember I also was more emotional about my major life events and was fighting to perform my daily meditations.

Before leaving for India I knew what would take place back home with my partner and son and had to let go of this future situation. Although I knew more Spanish people would participate in the 21 day process I had chosen to travel totally on my own. This tendency of not operating inside groups is still alive today and related to emotional pain of the past.

The next page is refering to the experiences of the level 1 21 day process format in India with Oneness Blessings and the most important insights.

In one heart of Joy and Gratitude Jyotisha



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