The periode between August 2007 and October 2008

Bhagavan Amma

The more pure you become the more difficult life becomes. This seems to be a paradox. However from personal experience it seems to be true. Through the Samskara Suddhi process of the Oneness University more and more charge dissolves. However it is like an onion shell with layers, which become one by one pure. The strongest fears reside in the kernel of the onion. The more pure you become the stronger the still residing magnetic charge attracts live situations to face these strongest pains.

The only thing you need to do is to move into these pains. Although you learned how to do this in Level I and Level II and you have access to divine support all the time your mind does not allow to face these charges until you are sick or very tired of it. It sabotages you to run in paterns around the charge with all kind of mental escapes.

Although I did not do you do so much from my own side a growth process has taken place anyway. Below a few examples.

While in deep innner peace feeling bored to be on this Earh plane

After 10th day process in august 2007 the process has continued and a deep feeling of a frozen snow flog pops up more and more throughout the days. No movement and very subtle peace and love without feeling borders nor a physical body. At these moments when the peace and love remains hours or days - I wonder what am I doing on this Earthly plane and realize all my escapes in this life has to with this feeling of being bored. I was never aware of this feeling of being bored at a very subtle level.

Healing the relationship with my sister

In helping others a huge shift has taken place in terms of clarity of information, healing creativity and results. Helping my nephew after many physical brain surgeries and other operations drove me very close to my sister and her family. I had the trust to tell them everything I felt. This strong feeling I had for the first time in my life towards my own siter who normally is very jealous and critical towards me. Before I could not. Firstly I was afraid they would not accept it, secondly affraid they would not accept me as I am, thirdly being critical towards me and fourthly affraid they would not rely on the information of a brother who does not seem to be a doctor. But now they do - after everything started to happen as predicted and my nephew of 19 years is still a life and his condition is slowly progressing. Spiritual brain surgery stopped the bleeding, by which he was suppose to dye according to the hospital doctors. Connecting all his brain cells improved his coordination of movements incredibly fast. Although the circumstances how I got closer to my sister are far from ideal - given my nephew his condition - this Oneness Process process brought me closer. From my perspecitive I felt one with my sister and nephew and felt where they were going through emotionally all the time.

The use of names

In the last conversation at Level 2 with the Dasas they asked me what my name was at birth. I was surprised about this question. I did not answer the question even at that time. While flying back and months after the question was asked, I was still struggeling why they asked. For years I did not wanted to use my old name Hans. My old name Hans - which my parents have given to me - is in use again and I do feel feel a big regression in terms of the time of my life before 16 years old. It is like in order to move to older charge I had to move into my elder identity. On top of this during the level II retreat I received a new name Feather Hawk which refers to native indian background. It brings me into deep inner peace straight away. Over the months I started to use the names Hans, Jyotisha and Feather Hawk next to each other without any preference.

The next page is refering to the experiences of level 2 the 7 days format participated in October 2008

In one heart of Joy and Gratitude Hans / Jyotisha / Feather Hawk



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