The periode between february 2005 and August 2007

Bhagavan Amma

Although my personal change details might not be of any interest to you, the process itself and the family relationships - while going through major life changes -might be very relevant. My intention is to share these with you as an example.

While going through these changes I am very great full they are happing now and also at amazing speed. All pain is brought to the surface in a very short time frame. For the last years most events in the Oneness Blessing process where taking place in the dream world - now it is effecting the 3rd dimension to the max and with high speed. It is all about sickness and dying I am afraid...... Also the age of 42 years of my body might have some clue to all these changes. It is said every 7 years you change a lot from a spiritual point of view.

What has happened the last months?

Sister’s mother in law dies

The mother in law of my sister died one week before Christmas 2006 as a result of a heart attack. Among other reasons mainly because of extensive drinking over the last 5 years. Why did my sister had both an alcoholic father and an alcoholic mother in law? Do brothers and sisters share the same family pain? Are we all healed by means of spiritual and emotional practises or ultimately simply by means of a similar life event, which enables you to let go of deep pain? Are we choosing our parents, partners, children, parents in law, brothers and sisters in law etc in a magical way with a much higher consciousness? Are they really helping us!

Son of my sister very ill

The son of my sister of 18 years had to go through surgery around Christmas 2006. I can not go into details because I have to respect the privacy of my sisters family. Although I always had a strong tendenct to share Although my sister ignored her own spirituality - and mine since I was born - she was finally open to remote healings for her son. For the first time in my life she wanted to have me close to her. Because of jealousy there was always a distance. Might brothers and sisters who have more compassion for others receive more love from their parents? And might the others with stronger anger realize this and create this mental non realistic view their brothers or sisters got more freedom, things and attention from their parents to feel better themselves?

These 2 sister related events had a big impact on my heart - I must say - collective heart. I started to feel the pain of my sister very intensively and went together with her through a rehearsal of the death of my father in 1992 (also alcohol). The illness of her son brought me closer to my sister and her family.

Trauma sister in law

My sister in law and her partner and 2 children where staying with us in Spain during the holidays. We had not seen them for 5 years. It happened to be she moved instantly through life regressions, while staying at our house. She was struggling for years with one pattern as a result of one very extreme traumatic event in her life. She tried to forget and I had to help her in remembering the painful details. Is the Oneness Blessing process taking place instantly, when individuals are around me and or staying in my house? It seems to be so - like an automatic pilot.

Moving back to Holland

After 5 years we moved back from Spain to the Netherlands in the beginning of January 2007. After 7 years of teaching and workshops across Europe it was time for a change. I found a new job in the Netherlands as a project and change manager and started the 4th of January 2007. This might bring me in contact with many more people. Will It make life more easy in my native language and culture?

Moving back to the Netherlands after 5 years is a big step if you take the outer sun mainly into account. All other things are very similar. All patterns in life like working, eating, meditating, sleeping, waking up, showering, getting dressed. paying bills and relaxing are very similar wherever you are.

Training in Buddhist equanimity practises has been my major practise the last 4 months. Not in meditation but 24 hours and 7 days a week. Focus on similarities between the two life situations made me realise we all life in patterns and ordinary life is so empty

Mother in law dies

My mother in law died at the end of January 2007, because of a brain attack. She was ill for over 20 years because of her kidneys. I touched her head the evening before she got the attack by means of a joke: breaking an egg on ones head. I feel I have helped her to get the strong brain attack. Although everyone expected I would visit the hospital I could not do it. I avoid hospitals as much as I can. Three days later I could not face remotely her struggling and asked her mother and twin sister for help and take her away. Later that night in the hospital corridors we heard she past away around the time of our request.

Linda found a picture of her mother’s mother and her little twin sister just 2 or 3 days before. Linda felt the girl around her for some days. She was talking to her. The twin sister died when her mother was 4 years old. Linda’s mothers her mother died when her mother was 12 years old. While discussing the funeral card Linda heard after almost 40 years that one of her 3 roman catholic names is the name of her mothers twin sister. Is it not said that the life of Linda’s mother has been a pattern of not coping with the loss of her twin sister and mother? Would she not have deserved the Oneness Blessing earlier in her life? Would the pain of her mother about the loss of her twin sister not be less directed towards Linda when she did not receive this 3rd name? Might the illness Diabetics - where Linda is coping with - be related with emotional pain of the death of relatives? Ancient Tibetan scriptures refer to the pancreas as the gate to the next dimension. From the beginning 7 years ago, I knew this illness does not belong to Linda, she has taken it upon her from a compassion point of view. Is the secret about the cause of Diabetics going to be revealed? This is one of my most important life missions.

After 21 years back in town

For 5 months we will stay in a small 2 persons flat in IJmuiden. I was raised from 4 till 22 years old in IJmuiden and tried to deny this part of my life for years. I even felt ashamed I had to say the name of the town IJmuiden. The town is associated to my youth and my alcoholic father. The things you do or did not like come back to you in your life? Now my heart is more respectful and more compassionate to all the persons living in IJmuiden and more grateful for the offered facilities. My son Ramon went to school in IJmuiden for 3 months.

New house in Bloemendaal

We bought a new house in Bloemendaal on the 1st of February 2007 and entered the house on the 4th of June 2007. We where expecting to live in Haarlem and never in my life I had anticipated to live in Bloemendaal. It is a town extremely associated with wealth. Buying the high ceiling 1915 house was arranged in a magical way and will be the new location for workshops and oneness blessings. and Bloemendaal are both about Flowers. The Dutch word Bloemendaal signifies Valey of Flowers. Levensbloem signifies in Dutch Flower of Life. Since 2002 I have been scared for the rising sea levels and pole shift disasters. I was escaping Holland also for this reason. Now I feel very deep inside this fear is gone. I belief the pole shift has already taken place. The nature has skipped 2 months this year. The year clock has changed. Next year the seasons will be put back to normal again. We will perceive the winter as longer. (this is related to an holographic reality we are living in and has been programmed by our extraterrestrial grand father race: please do not belief this commentary)

Sister and Brother in law pneumonia

Brother is law first moved into hospital with pneumonia and very high fever. Two days later sister in law moves into hospital with high fever and pneumonia. They end up in the same room with 2 different bacteria. They can talk with each other in the hospital. Are the lungs representing our male and female side and as such the word acceptance? Why did Linda needed to see the same hospital and doctors where her mother passed away less then 2 weeks ago?

The trauma of my sister in law and their pneumonia attacks in hospital brought me closer to their family. We had not seen them for 5 years, because of anger and jealousy issues just after the birth of Ramon. Both Linda’s mother and sister came at the very latest moment to Spain, just before we returned to the Netherlands. Mutual respect has increased. Might brothers and sisters who have more compassion for others receive more love from their parents? And might the others with stronger anger realize this and create this mental non realistic view their brothers or sisters got more freedom, things and attention from their parents to feel better themselves? And is this blaming an escape not to work on their compassion by resolving their own traumas? Is playing the underdog a sabotage game of their mind?

Life partner of my aunt died

The sister of my father use to be like a grandmother to me for years, when I was very little up to 16 years. Later in life I realized she controlled and manipulated my father. She is quiet dominant and has a lot of male energy for woman. I took some distance. For 58 years she had a relationship with another women and where even neighbours for the last 10 years. Although the whole family suspects they where lesbians they never admitted their preference. I went to the funeral of her partner and realised and felt their love for each other. I saw my aunt in a different mode. I feel a lot of love again for my aunt. I feel sorry for her at the age of 85 years to be on here won again. Is this event making a change in terms of unconditional love? Tibetan advices: be kind to your family first and then to your friends!

IJmuiden Hospital knocked down

The hospital in IJmuiden where I was surged on the 10th of February 1974 and where my father passed away in 92 is broken down by big machines. An article was even placed in the Telegraph newspaper, because workers are hearing spirits screaming and elevators are moving up and down all by them selves. I saw the work going on everyday. Why does this happen right now, while living abroad for years and just when I life in IJmuiden for a couple of months? Is the synchronicity of the Universe not perfect?

Imported cat from Spain died

One of the 2 cats we took with us from Spain has been hit by a car. We where very close with the cat. It brought me back to the pain of another cat and many cavia´s and birds I use to take care of as a child. Is the loss of one animal releasing old pain of earlier close animal friends?

Son of Sister in Law in Hospital

The son of my sister in law had broken one of his bones in his hand without knowing for about one year. He is 12 years. He had to go through surgery. This situation brought me back to my surgery at the age of 10 years. A hospital is scaring and so is the injection before the operation. After all this sickness and death in my family I do not care anymore about these requests. Whenever I can, I help them out. And the hospital doctors notice anyway. Am I growing slowly beyond the acceptation and confirmation issues of my father and mother?


I am glad I am a life and I see the beauty of all of this. It is a very intelligent process which is taking place at an enormous high speed. If you take this world for real and do not think and do not analyse analyse deeper it is very hard. If you keep faith in the Universe it will bring good to your family.

I feel everything as a relief after years of struggling. Everything is flowing and major emotional blockages are dissolving inside and around me in the persons I love so much. When I see TV programs about relatives who have never met each other or have not seen each other for years and suddenly bump into each other I feel so much love for the relatives around me. And in addition the love which ties all humans together. However my energy levels dropped because of all these changes and outer conflicts.

The next page is refering to the experiences of level 2 the 10 days format participated in August 2007

In one heart of Joy and Gratitude Jyotisha



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