Amma and Bhagavan photo received

First Bhagavan contact

Amma and Bhagavan Photo

After teaching a Flower of Life workshop in Belgium in may 2004 one of the students showed me the book of Kiara about the Oneness Movement. She gave me a Amma and Bhagavan photo. I put their photo together with laminated pictures of Paramahansa Yogananda, Babaji, Sri Youkteswar, Lahiri Mahasaya and Melchizedek into my zoom black plastic geometry tool kit box and went home to Barcelona Airport.

Geometry Kit

A few weeks later I opened the box and noticed the Amma and Bhagavan photo. I did not know what to do with the Amma and Bhagavan photo and intuitively put the photo on my shrine between the Buddha Statues. Normally I never put something on the shrine, which was not familiar. Anyway it stood their for another 6 weeks and from time to time I looked at it during my daily Buddha Heruka meditation.

In September 2004 I got a phone call from a Flower of Life graduate student Alexis, with whom I had not spoken for 2 years. Alexis was talking about the global enlightenment and about Amma and Bhagawan. I had now idea whether all these promises where true and asked for a website to check. I was sceptical, but the same afternoon after the phone call I felt more joy in my heart. Coincidently I saw the same the Amma and Bhagavan photo on the home page.

Receiving 4 signs in a row

Receiving the photo, putting it on my shrine, receiving the phone call and felt more joy, where four signs in a row. The message was clear: learn more about this.

female star male star

Less need for meditation (with stars)

I use to be so much into Buddhism and the Flower of Life teachings it was hard to try something new. My whole identity was inside these perfect spiritual schools, who brought me to the point I was at. It is all about loyalty to your teachers and Gurus you use to connect to for years. But to be honest many students and even my life partner had sincere obstacles for daily meditation practise. So much emotional pain resided in them they simply did not like to connect with their male or female stars in order to avoid the pain of their relationships with their father or mother. The Amma and Bhagavan photo refers as such also to your father and mother.

The star concept remains important, because it represents the star in the sky at night. If you want to become enlightened the fist step is to connect with your own star around and inside your physical body. The quality and size of the upper tetrahedron within your star determines the quality of relationships with your father, male ancestors, financial independence and accepting authorities. The quality and size of the lower tetrahedron of your star determines the quality of relationships with your mother, female ancestors and love. At that time I decided to find out more about the Oneness Movement for helping others. And the promise of Deeksha - no further need for meditation - was the striking one. At that time I believed I had no need for receiving help for my own emotional pains.

The next page is refering to the experiences of the first recieved Deekshas in Barcelona and the inner struggle to follow this roadmap.

In one heart of Joy and Gratitude Jyotisha



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