Deeksha approach for personal growth

During the day, the reality defines our feelings by the judging capacity of our mind. If we could bring the dream world reality to the reality of the day time: what will happen? Just start day dreaming and alter the reality as you like in your mind and the heart will blissfully respond!

Amma and Bhagavan support the world by giving blessings, deekshas, love, spiritual power, patience, kindness, peace and deep insights of life and relationships. Their main focus is to help us to flower our heart by means of healing our emotional pain going back to childhood, pregnancy and even family patterns inherited from our ancestors. It is like a continuous intelligent process, which is going on in our dreams, which step by step enables us to remember pains we avoided for decades.

Oneness in Ancient Times

At the same time our biological brains are changing in order to experience this reality differently. After going through the Level 1 21 day process in India the love and remote support keeps on coming at intervals.

They also release contracted energies through our dreams or by remote deekshas. As a result you might be very tired for a couple of days or your head is very sensitive at certain spots. All is part of the process.

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Oneness Effort

Oneness Effort

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Blessed by Bhagavan


Understanding Our Emotions

Understanding Our Mind

Setting your Goals

Design by Divine

Tracing our Sorrow

Facing our Shadow

Embracing our Pain

Realizing our Purpose

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